What kind of creative communication video or motion design suits you ?

There is a lot of different styles that exist in, creatives videos and motion design. . We can work and mix them to provide really original and amazing results.
Choosing the right styles and technics is almost important as to be intended for an appointment.



Traditional technic of animation done with hand drawing picture by picture. Animation are really nice and fluid.

motion design

2d Animation

Digital animation produced with computer assistance for text and graphic elements.

film vidéo

Creative video

Filming short sequences with special effects and visual identity. A post production job that sublimate simple video.

stop motion

Stop motion

A photos by photos animation which brings life ton inanimate objects.


3d animation

3d animation like the most known cinema movies or advertisement…

time lapse

Time lapse

An other photos by photos technics that allow us to have one day in a minute of motion design.

What kind of video or motion design content will perfectly suit your company’s objectives ?

Style is one thing but the purpose is the most important,
here some ewamples.

time lapse

Data motion

To make number and boring intel more fun and affordable to be easily memorable.

time lapse

Content marketing

Deliver pertinent content on your social network to provide good information to your followers!

time lapse


Promote your company’s image and identity with video using emotions and storytelling.

time lapse

Explicatif & tutoriel

Expliquer, faire la démonstration du fonctionnement ou du concept des solutions que vous proposez à vos clients et prospects.

time lapse


Promote your solutions with video next to your customers.

time lapse


New year is coming, to forget to wish to your customers a very good year or birthday or merry Christmas.

To know what style or kind of content will suits you the best :

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